Unbreakable Vaginal Speculum(100s)

Unbreakable Vaginal Speculum(100s)

Ref: 8099,8100,8101,8102

Instraspec - The Safe, Unbreakable Speculum

Instraspec is a high quality, reliable, sterile disposable vaginal speculum that also delivers exceptional value for money.
Gynaecological examinations and procedures can often be daunting for patients. Both patient and clinician require a vaginal speculum
that is safe and comfortable in use, with no risk of cross infection. Instraspec addresses these needs and more thanks to thoughtful
design and the use of advanced materials in it’s manufacture.
Safety and Confidence
• Strong and unbreakable* offering complete peace of mind to patients and clinicians
• Silent operation for improved patient experience
• Crystal clear material for maximum visibility of tissue
• Guaranteed sterility to eliminate cross infection
• Latex free material and packaging
Design Comfort
• Smooth, rounded design for improved patient comfort
• Anti-pinch design to minimise danger of skin trapping when closing the device
• Silent and secure rapid locking action minimises procedure duration
• Smooth action mechanism provides optimum clinician control

Ease of Use and Convenience
• Colour coded packs and cases to speed and simplify
size selection
• Individual, sterile easy tear packs to minimise
procedure duration
• Convenient flip front case permits rapid dispensing
of product
• Eliminates the need for decontamination
and re-sterilisation, reducing costs
and saving time
* Instraspec is manufactured
from an advanced polymer
which is unbreakable in normal use

Ref 8099 Virgin
Ref 8100 Small
Ref 81001 Medium
Ref 8102 Medium-Long
Ref 8103 Large