Thudicum Nasal Specula (40s)

Thudicum Nasal Specula (40s)

Ref: 7860-7

Thudicum Nasal Speculum designed to open and expand the nasal cavity. This is a single use instrument, manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel and supplied in individual, easy to open sterile packs. The speculum is available in a wide range of other sizes, from size 0 to size 7.

High quality surgical steel instrument
Lower cost alternative to reprocessing reusable instruments
Protects patients against cross infection risks
Full compliance with the Medical Devices Directive

For Professional Use Only

Size 0 (Ref 7860)
Size 1 (17mm)(ref 7861)
Size 2 (18mm)(ref 7862)
Size 3 (19mm (ref 7863)
Size 4 (21mm (ref 7864)
Size 5 (23mm (ref 7865)
Size 6 (25mm)(ref 7866)
Size 7 (27mm)(ref 7867)