Cottontails Cotton Wool Balls 1.1g

Cottontails Cotton Wool Balls 1.1g

Ref: 1114

Cottontails Cotton Wool Balls 1.1g
12 bags of 100 large balls

Manufactured from 100% pure cotton, Cottontails Cotton Wool Balls are specially made to be kind and gentle for babies’ skin. Using only high quality materials, the balls are soft, fluffy and highly absorbent, holding many times their own weight in fluid. This makes them highly practical for all baby and child cleansing tasks. After cleansing, another ball can be used to gently and effectively apply creams or oils.

Each pack contains 100 x 1.1g large balls, perfect when extra absorbency is required and also features the eye-catching Cottontails design and convenient drawstring closures. To optimise merchandising, packs are supplied in retail ready shelf packaging.

Soft and gentle for children’s delicate skin
Made from 100%, highly absorbent pure cotton
Eye-catching pack design specific to babycare market
Retail ready packaging for easy and effective merchandising