Vinoguard Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100s) x 10

Vinoguard Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (100s) x 10

Ref: 9590-4

Readigloves Vinoguard Synthetic is in a different league to most vinyl gloves. Think of vinyl gloves and often poor fitting, difficult to don, easy to rip gloves come to mind. This is not the case with Vinoguard Synthetic, thanks to careful manufacturing and an improved formulation that delivers a superior vinyl glove. This type of glove is often referred to as pigmentised vinyl, as the glove has a creamy appearance unlike the translucent appearance of a standard vinyl glove.

Raising the bar on performance
Start to put on a Vinoguard Synthetic glove and you will immediately notice how it differs from standard, cheap vinyl alternatives. Firstly the glove has a much softer and more flexible feel. This makes donning significantly easier without having to select a larger size than you would otherwise need, which would produce a baggy fit. Unlike standard vinyl, Synthetic also has improved stretch qualities that aids the donning process and feels more comfortable during use. The material stretches as you flex the hand and bend fingers, making manipulation of items much more natural and minimising hand fatigue.

The performance benefits don’t end there. The formulation delivers a higher strength glove that is more durable and offers improved protection. If a glove rips easily, the barrier protection is lost immediately. So a glove that maintains its integrity is safer to use. It is also more cost effective in the long run as a damaged glove has to be replaced, adding additional costs.

Feeling the quality
Gloves intended for medical examinations also need to offer the user tactility and sensitivity of touch. Whilst not having the exceptional performance of nitrile and latex gloves, Vinoguard Synthetic is an excellent and viable alternative where the clinical task is less critical but still requires good levels of sensitivity and dexterity. This level of performance is just not possible with standard vinyl gloves due to their more rigid construction. This is complemented by a smooth surface finish, ideal for holding patients with fragile skin without causing pain.

Vinoguard Synthetic is a Class l Medical Device that is a cost conscious alternative to nitrile and latex gloves for low risk medical and general purpose tasks, particularly where frequent glove changes are required. Typically the glove is suitable for use in outpatient clinics, GP surgeries, nursing and care homes.

Advanced vinyl performance
Improved strength
Improved comfort
Improved sensitivity
Smooth finish
Latex Free
Cost conscious option