Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile Gloves (200s) x 10

Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile Gloves (200s) x 10

Ref: 9545-9

Readigloves Nytraguard Bluple is the very latest innovation for high performance nitrile gloves, combining light weight, high comfort and great sensitivity with toughness – an unbeatable combination. Bluple® is perfect for the majority of tasks in a healthcare setting and a huge variety of general tasks requiring hand protection.

Bluple - Thin wall technology
Bluple gloves are manufactured from a state of the art acrylonitrile butadiene polymer formula, allowing a high strength, high stretch, thin wall construction that was not possible until now. Even the smallest objects can be felt through the thin walls for optimum sensitivity and Bluple also delivers dexterity because the combination of thin walls with high stretch means that it very easy to move the hand with minimal effort. The glove conforms beautifully to the hand and is extremely comfortable to wear with minimum hand fatigue. Bluple is also very easy to put on and remove.

Bluple - Dependable, durable and versatile
Critically, any glove must offer protection, not just for the clinician but also to prevent cross infection to the patient. The advanced material of Bluple gloves, coupled with state of the art manufacturing, ensures that Bluple is produced without microscopic holes that would otherwise lead to viral penetration and tearing.

Durability is also extremely important. Bluple gloves strong and are specially treated inside so that they slip easily onto the hand, reducing the chance of ripping. They are also manufactured as standard with a textured fingertip finish to provide dependable grip during precision tasks and aiding wet grip. Palms and the lower finger area have a matt finish – to provide grip without causing discomfort when holding a patient’s skin.

Bluple gloves are powder free, eliminating skin irritation and infection risk. Additionally, as the gloves are manufactured from acrylonitrile butadiene they do not contain latex, making them safe to use by individuals who are sensitive to latex.

Bluple - Meets all legal requirements
Bluple is a Class l Medical Device for Medical Examinations, suitable for a huge variety of clinical tasks in hospitals, community clinics, GP surgeries, dentistry clinics, ambulances, nursing and care homes. Bluple also conforms to the PPE Directive for minimal risk tasks, making it an excellent choice for general purpose tasks. Its durability means that the gloves will last without the need for frequent changing.

Bluple is also suitable for food preparation, where it is critical that the food is not contaminated – particularly in a hospital setting. It offers a much higher level of performance than vinyl gloves – giving better dexterity and better durability.

Bluple - Economical and better for the environment
Bluple is also economical. The new material means that the gloves can be made thinner, but actually perform better than thicker gloves. More gloves can also be fitted into a box, reducing the room taken up in transport – thus reducing the carbon footprint.

The savings made in using less material and lower transport costs make Bluple economically priced. Once again – the use of new technology proves that “less really is more”. Bluple truly means less material, more benefits for the environment and more savings for you.

Safe & Strong
Sensitive & Dexterous
Durable & Dependable
Latex free