Nytraguard Tough Nitrile Gloves (100s) x 10

Nytraguard Tough Nitrile Gloves (100s) x 10

Ref: 9531-4

When the going gets tough - reach for Readigloves Nytraguard Tough. Designed for extra safety and optimum durability, Tough is a heavy gauge acrylonitrile butadiene glove and the automatic first choice when security and protection is the prime concern.

Tough by name – tough by nature
Nitrile gloves are already strong and durable, thanks to the strong bonds in the molecular structure of nitrile. Nytraguard Tough takes this durability to the next level as it is manufactured from a thicker, heavier gauge of material. Tough is a medical examination glove that is suitable for heavy duty tasks, such as the handling of medical apparatus, as the risk of ripping or tearing is significantly reduced. For other tasks, including cleaning, Tough is actually more cost effective than inferior and cheaper gloves. This is because Tough is more durable, lasts longer and avoids frequent changes to complete the task.

Despite the thicker glove wall, Tough is still very flexible and is comfortable to wear. The glove has excellent stretch characteristics and conforms well to the hand, with only a minimal reduction in dexterity and sensitivity for the majority of clinical tasks.

The glove you can trust
The most critical feature of a medical examination glove is biological barrier protection and Nytraguard Tough does not disappoint in this respect. This is where Tough excels, as the heavy gauge material provides exceptional puncture resistance, preventing viral penetration and offering complete peace of mind for the clinician and the patient. For example, Tough is less likely to be damaged, compared to ordinary gloves, if snagged on an instrument. This makes Tough the perfect choice where an increased biohazard risk exists, such as contact with blood or body fluids.

Nytraguard Tough also benefits from a sure grip as the fingertips are textured, keeping a firm hold on instruments, apparatus and medical equipment. Tough passes all the requirements to be designated a Class l Medical Device for medical examinations. It also conforms to the PPE Directive for minimal risks, ensuring it is equally at home in handling detergents and retaining its integrity during more onerous cleaning and janitorial tasks. Tough is the glove you can depend on and trust.

Heavy gauge
Extra safe
Extra strong
Extra tough
Extra durable
Ultra dependable
Latex free