Nytraguard SkyBlue Nitrile Gloves (100s) x 10

Nytraguard SkyBlue Nitrile Gloves (100s) x 10

Ref: 9526-8

Readigloves Nytraguard SkyBlue is a high quality nitrile glove that is the perfect choice where light weight, high comfort and high levels of sensitivity are paramount. It complements perfectly the other gloves in the Nytraguard range, as it permits excellent dexterity but still offers high strength.

High sensitivity and comfort – yet dependable
SkyBlue benefits from a thin wall lightweight construction and so is ideal for most tasks in a healthcare environment, particularly medical examinations. The thin wall delivers exceptional levels of comfort as the glove stretches easily and conforms to the hand. Movement and manipulation of the hand takes minimal effort, reducing hand fatigue so that the user can use gloves throughout the day without tiring.

However, don’t let the lightweight fool you into thinking that SkyBlue is not strong. It has a high level of resistance and can easily withstand the abrasion received when handling apparatus or instruments. SkyBlue is strong and durable and is certainly up to the task. The textured fingertips assist both a sensitive and sure grip of small objects, whilst the matt finish on the palms and lower fingers ensure that even patients with fragile skin are securely held without causing any discomfort during the procedure.

Ticking all the legal boxes
It is absolutely essential that a glove must offer protection to both healthcare worker and patient, preventing cross infection. SkyBlue passes the test within EN 455-1, freedom from holes, with flying colours – eliminating microscopic holes that would otherwise allow viral penetration. It also passes all other tests within the standards so that it fully meets the requirements as a Class l Medical Device for medical examinations. SkyBlue also conforms to the PPE Directive for minimal risk tasks and as they are manufactured from acrylonitrile butadiene they do not contain latex; safe for users or individuals who are sensitive to latex.

The result is a high performance glove that is equally at home for clinical tasks in hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and care homes as it is for general tasks such as cleaning.

Latex free