Cyraguard Premium Latex Gloves (100s) x 10

Cyraguard Premium Latex Gloves (100s) x 10

Ref: 9505-9

High quality latex gloves have long been considered the gold standard for medical examination use. Readigloves Cyraguard Premium is no exception, delivering outstanding performance in the critical areas of barrier protection, grip, comfort and sensitivity of touch and feel.

When only the best will do
Cyraguard Premium is manufactured to stringent quality levels in a state of the art manufacturing plant that employs regular production quality checks, ensuring the glove performs as it promises. Too often, cheaper latex gloves are made to lower standards on ageing machines, resulting in sub standard performance with potentially serious consequences. Premium is quite different and is a glove you can trust.

Manufactured from a slightly heavier, premium gauge of material, Premium delivers optimal biological barrier protection, preventing viral penetration when it matters. Despite this heavier gauge, Premium still conforms beautifully to the hand and stretches to provide an exceptionally close fit. Even small and delicate objects can be easily felt and distinguished through the glove wall, for superior sensitivity.

Getting a firm grip on the matter
Latex is naturally a ‘grippy’ material, but for optimum performance with complex tasks, Premium features a micro textured outer surface. This delivers outstanding performance when manipulating small, smooth instruments and offers complete peace of mind for the clinician. This grip is superior to all other gloves. Premium is also very resistant to tearing and rarely rips during donning.

Premium gloves do contain latex proteins. This can cause sensitisation and an allergic reaction in some individuals. Premium features the latest manufacturing techniques and an advanced treatment to minimise the latex protein content to as low a level as it possible. If a latex allergy already exists, we would however recommend the use of nitrile gloves.

As a Class l Medical Device for medical examinations, Premium is ideally suited to many clinical tasks in hospitals, clinics and community care. It also conforms to the PPE Directive for minimal risk tasks, so is suitable for general purpose tasks.

Premium gauge
High grip micro textured surface
High comfort
High sensitivity
High tactility
Close fit and conformability
Special advanced treatment to improve donning and reduce leachable proteins