Cyraguard Essentials Latex Gloves (100s) x 10

Cyraguard Essentials Latex Gloves (100s) x 10

Ref: 9501-3

Readigloves Cyraguard Essentials offers a regular gauge alternative to its slightly heavier gauge sister – Cyraguard Premium. This reduction in material gauge does not mean a reduction in quality – indeed Essentials outperforms Premium in a number of key areas.

Essential for optimum sensitivity
Essentials’ regular gauge material means the glove wall is thinner, which offers exceptional sensitivity of touch and feel. This makes Essentials the perfect choice for complex, delicate procedures where high tactility is critical, such as the use and manipulation of fine instruments. The high stretch material also provides a close fit, with the glove conforming readily to the hand, almost like a second skin. This also makes the glove really comfortable, as minimal effort is required to bend the fingers or manipulate the hand, reducing fatigue during use.

Essentials also still offers excellent barrier protection. Production is carefully controlled, resulting in latex that is free of microscopic holes, preventing viral penetration. In fact, Essentials is the perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, comfort and protection, for finer clinical tasks.

No fuss donning
Cyraguard Essentials are easy to don thanks to their combination of high strength and high stretch. Despite having a thin wall, the glove has great strength due to its molecular composition. As the glove is put on, it stretches and conforms to the shape of the hand. The elasticity means that Essentials is resistant to ripping during this procedure, minimising waste and therefore actually more cost effective than cheaper gloves, such as vinyl.

Like Premium, Cyraguard Essentials gloves contain latex proteins, which can cause sensitisation and an allergic reaction in some individuals. Essentials features the same, advanced manufacturing techniques and advanced treatment, which significantly reduces the latex protein content and reduces potential sensitisation. If a latex allergy already exists, we would however recommend the use of nitrile gloves.

Essentials is a Class l Medical Device for medical examinations, particularly suitable for numerous clinical tasks in hospitals, clinics and community care. It may also be used for many general purpose tasks as it conforms to the basic health and safety requirements of the PPE Directive for minimal risk tasks.

Regular gauge
High grip micro textured surface
High comfort
High sensitivity
High tactility
Special advanced treatment to improve donning and reduce leachable proteins