Minor Operation Pack - AH (20s)

Minor Operation Pack - AH (20s)

Ref: 8480

Single Use Minor Operations Pack - AH that contains instruments carefully selected to cover a variety of minor surgical operations. The pack contains instruments suitable for fine surgery and is supplied with both swabs and a dressing towel. All instruments are manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel and supplied in an easy to open, sterile pack. Contents are wrapped in a sterile field.

" Carefully selected choice of fine surgical instruments
" Handy pack with gauze swabs and drape supplied
" Lower cost alternative to reprocessing reusable instruments
" Protects patients against cross infection risks
" Full compliance with the Medical Devices Directive

For Professional Use Only

Pack Contents Qty
Halsey Needle Holder 13cm 1
Iris Stitch Scissors - Straight 11.5cm 1
Adson Micro Forceps - Toothed 12cm 1
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors - Curved 11cm
Halsted Mosquito Artery Forceps - Curved 13cm 1
BP Scalpel Handle No. 3 1
Gauze Swabs 10cm x 10cm 8 ply 10
Drape 70cm x 70cm Fenestrated, 10x10cm cut 1
Polypropylene Tray, 2 Integral Pots 1