Readi Apron Premium Roll White 5s

Readi Apron Premium Roll White 5s

Ref: 8324

Readi® Apron Premium is a range of aprons that are engineered from thicker grade polythene, for tasks where durability and strength are important. Supplied on a roll, they can be used with a dispenser, allowing a single apron to be removed without touching the next. They are ideal for use in a clinical environment, and form a key part of any infection control policy.

Readi® Apron Premium aprons are tested and approved for food contact with all foods, in food preparation or catering environments. They cover from the shoulder to the knee and feature an easy-snap halter neck and waist ties.

White aprons are generally used in a clinical setting for patient care, cleaning and bedside environments as they give a crisp, white, clean appearance. All Readi® Aprons are available in white or blue.

Thicker, premium quality polythene
Tested and approved for all food contact
Ideal for infection control
Ease of dispensing in high volume use areas