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Minor Operations Pack Silver (25s)

Minor Operations Pack Silver (25s)

Ref: PP16008

Minor Operations Pack Silver
25 Packs in a Box
Each Pack Contents:
1 BP Scalpel Handle no 3
1 Kilner Needle Holder
2 Halstead Mosquito forceps 12.5cm
1 Gillies Dissecting Forcep Toothed 12.5cm
1 McIndoe Dissecting Forcep Non-Toothed 12.5cm
1 Iris Scissors Curved 11cm
1 Iris Scissors Straight 11cm
2 Gallipots 60ml
2 Dressing Towels
5 Non Woven Swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm
1 Large Pulp Tray
1 Sterile Field
Ref PP16008

CE marked
Single Use

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