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Alcohol Wipes

Swabs (100s x 12)

Swabs (100s x 12)

(Alcohol Wipes) 

Price: 9.28 (11.14 Including VAT at 20%)

Cleaning Swabs
70% IPA Alcohol
Designed as Pre-Injection Swab but extensively used as general cleansing swabs.
Pack of 100 (X 12 Packs)
Ref: 5885

Single Use

Special Offer

Readiwipes Wet Wipes

Readiwipes Wet Wipes

(Alcohol Wipes) 

Price: 22.71 (27.25 Including VAT at 20%)

Readiwipes Wet 70% Alcohol (IPA) Wipes
Canister of 200 (X 6 Canisters)
Ref 5030

CE marked,
Single Use, Latex Free


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