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Vasectomy Forceps Blunt 16cm (20's)

Vasectomy Forceps Blunt 16cm (20's)

Ref: 7851

Vasectomy Forceps Blunt 16cm
Individually Packed X 20 Packs

CE marked,
Single Use,

Individual easy to open packs
Case Qty of 20

Note for Vasectomy Surgeons:
We have the following Vasectomy Forceps
PS5043 Vasectomy Forceps, Li Ring Forceps 15.5cm (50's)
PS5045 Vasectomy Forceps, Vasectomy Forceps, Haemostatis 15.5cm (50's)
7851 Vasectomy Forceps, Vasectomy Forceps Blunt 16cm (20's)
8095 Vasectomy Forceps Sharp Ended 15cm (20's)

Price: 46.70 (56.04 Including VAT at 20%)

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